Packages Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Package   

We offer great affordable packages to cater to everyone! 


Our first package is a great introductory package at only $99.00 for four 30 minute vocal lessons! This is perfect for students who are new to vocal training.


 Rising-Star Package   

This is our most popular package. We always encourage at least 45 minutes minimum of vocal training for best results!  Students are taught the importance of building a strong repertoire and are given assignments to complete weekly!

This package is $139.00 per month. 

 Gold Star Package    

This package is created for those who are very passionate about singing and building their craft for a career. Some lessons include vocal rudiments, power house stage techniques and creative sound writing. Students are given advice on how to overcome audition anxiety and give an amazing performance with preparation. Students are given the tools that will help to build confidence and gives them the ultimate learning experience.

This package is $179.00 per month. A paid in full discounted package is available for this one as well.